about me!
-trans nb+gay
-adhd/autism/ptsd and MORE!!


-klonoa (klonoa)
-kennen (league of legends)
-platinum the trinity (blazblue)
-es (blazblue)
-dizzy (guilty gear)
-asriel dreemurr (undertale)
-di gi charat (di gi charat)
-elh melizeé (solatorobo)
-niko (oneshot)
-gohan (dragon ball)

-ralsei (deltarune)
-agent 8 (splatoon)
-vflower (vocaloid)
-nico di angelo (pjo)
-nelliel tu (bleach)
-crona gorgon (soul eater)
-tails (sonic)
-charmy (sonic)
-alderheart (warrior cats)
-alphonse elric (fma)
-ed (cowboy bebop)
-lemres (puyo puyo)
-mae borowski (nitw)
-jay walker (ninjago)
-gold (pokespe hg/ss)
-cinnamoroll (sanrio)
-terriermon (digimon)

i have more listed on my tumblr
i dont care about doubles !


✂ usual dfi criteria (transphobic/homophobic/racist/TERF/transmed, etc.)

✂dni if you hate he/him lesbians and she/her gays, or refuse to use neo pronouns

✂ you ship abusive/pedophilic ships/ support abusers or pedophiles, etc.

✂ you’re above like 45 years old 😬

✂no killing stalking fans/kinnies. no factkins.. no freaks... if you kin a character that has done rly bad shit!

✂i am not an "aphobe", but i dont think cisgender heteroromantic aces are lgbt+. no drama or discourse about this please im tired!


tumblr: gayklonoa

mastodon: @ kennen @ mastodon.social

twitter: @klonoaaa

insta: @markofthestorm (art)

discord: kennen #2850